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22Similarity Index(相似度指标):主要看相似度指标,如图相似度指标为15%

Similarity by Source依來源标示相似度):三处为比对数据库相似度,相同的文字有可能都能三个数据库均可检测到重复,不是简单的叠加关系。合格一般为在10%以内




  1. 报告原文有彩色的标记(例如红黄蓝绿等)就是相似重复的地方,需要修改的内容。
  2. 修改的时候不要简单删除一两个字,这样不是很管用,可以替换为同义词,断开句子
  3. 换表述,即换一种说法去表达被查出有相似的句字或者段落。
  4. 对句子结构进行合理转换,可降低修改之后文段与原有文段的相似比
  5. 可以删除相似的的句子或者段落可以降低相似度
  6. 将表格变成图片
  7. 如果引用部分被大量标重复,可以将直接引用改为间接引用,用自己的话表达,或者分多篇论文引用,同篇引用不超过20字。
  8. 把重复的参考来源文献做为引用来源,并正确标记引用。修改范例:
相似段落:As for the fulfillment and control of the marketing strategies and marketing campaign, some invisible problems do exist. The biggest one is budget for a large sum of money is needed to maintain the original special entertainment activities , create some special events and festivals as well as increase brand awareness of Amsterdam. What is more, a lot of money must be spent on the advertisement and other promotional activities as a means of marketing campaign. In the meantime the local government has to invest a large quantity of money in transmitting British culture and related British law because its target customer is UK visitors. English is the preferred language, proper English such as advertising phrases and picture should be used in campaign design.Finally,support and acceptance from local citizens is also of great importance in creating a positive brand image of Amsterdam.

修改后:There are some potential issues with the implementation and control of the marketing strategies and marketing campaign. Budget is one of the biggest potential issues for implementing, keep the original special entertainment activities and then creating some new special events and festivals to increase brand awareness of Amsterdam will require a big amount of investment. In addition, marketing campaign also spend much money on advertisement and other promotional activities. At the same time, UK tourist is a target customer, English is the preferred language. Marketing campaign design should use correct English, suitable advertising expressions and pictures, need to respect British culture and comply with the British law. And  local citizens’ accept and support are very important for creating a positive brand image of Amsterdam.


英文论文辅改工具:http://www.en998.com/paraphrase/?sid=d201 (可以帮助修改相似度)





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